Physio Exercises Class

Physio Exercise Classes are an excellent form of low-impact exercise that specifically addresses improving strength, increasing flexibility and enhancing body awareness and posture. While often used as part of a rehabilitation program for recovery, many people use Physio Exercises as their form of general exercise as well.

Every person has different aims, every person has strengths and weaknesses. At Pursue Health our Physio Exercise Classes are not a one-size fits all with everyone doing the same thing. Your Physio Exercise program is individually designed by our qualified physiotherapists and tailored to ensure you achieve your goals.

Benefits of Physio Exercise Classes

1. Increased flexibility
2. Improved posture
3. Increased core stability
4. Injury prevention
5. Improved athletic performance
6. Improved balance and co-ordination

Physio Exercise Assessment

A Physio Exercise assessment is necessary before beginning classes to ensure that the physiotherapist is aware of any relevant medical or injury history. This includes a thorough musculoskeletal screening to allow us to target your program to your specific needs. Your program is then designed and training begins using the Pilates equipment.

Physio Exercise One-on-One

Personalised sessions with an instructor are available for individuals who feel that they require greater supervision to perform their program correctly.

Physio Exercise Classes

Physio Exercise Classes are run by a physiotherapist and utilise pilates reformers, a pi;ates Wunda chair, balance boards, fit balls and mat work. Classes run for 60 minutes, and given the need for feedback and supervision, have a maximum of five people per class. Each person in the class is performing their individual program designed for them in their pilates assessment.

Due to the precise nature of the exercises we generally recommend that you perform at least two one-on-one sessions (including your assessment) before entering a class.


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Physio Exercise Classes