April 22, 2020


April 20, 2020

The Indoor Trainer How to Manage Soreness & Pain

If you’re one of the many cyclists switching to indoor riding, you may be experiencing soreness, or injury, that wasn’t there before. Irrespective of whether you’re using a smart trainer,…
March 19, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Patient Update

Telehealth Appointments Physiosports are set up to continue to provide physiotherapy care through our Physitrack software via video conferencing. This portal is encrypted and secure and allows the practitioner to…
March 15, 2020

Important information regarding the Coronavirus

To our Pursue Health community, We appreciate that there is growing concern within the community with regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The current advice we have received from the Department of…
February 26, 2020

General Foot Treatment & Podiatry

Lots of health blogs are written about various injuries that can be treated by podiatrists.  They mention all possible treatments and modalities that can be used for successful outcomes. However,…
December 18, 2019


As the weather warms up many of us will reach for a trusty pair of thongs, but do you know what effect they have on your feet? Health professionals have…
November 28, 2019

Cricket and your feet!

With the Cricket Season well and truly underway, its important that we can maintain our health and fitness throughout this years rigorous fixture. We were lucky enough to spread the…
October 29, 2019

Are your feet summer ready?

Changing from winter shoes to summer footwear can cause concern for many people. Questions on your mind may include Are my nails healthy? How do I get rid of this…
October 1, 2019

Foot Health Month!

Not sure what to do now that footy is over? Inspired to go for a run with this better weather? What better time to ensure your feet are performing at…
September 24, 2019

Diabetes & Podiatry Assessments

Diabetes and our Feet Diabetes is a condition that is becoming more prevalent in today’s society.  There are three main types of diabetes, type 1, type 2 and gestational. When…
August 23, 2019

Bone Health

We can help YOU improve your bone health   A common assumption is that our bones get weaker as we get older. True or false?   FALSE The latest scientific…
April 1, 2019

Pilates & Private Health Insurance rebate – how do the changes effect you?

Reform of the Private Health Insurance rebate scheme for Pilates From 1stApril 2019, the Australian Government and Private Health Insurers have changed their policy relating to rebates available for a…