Podiatry is more than just orthotics.

At Pursue Health Highett our Podiatrists treat a whole range of foot issues and injuries and are committed to helping you recover from any ailment. Our podiatry team can help with any foot injury, from marathon runners seeking footwear and orthotic advice, to a nasty callous on your heel, as well as, diabetic footcare. See below for a list of our full services.

Podiatry Services

Biomechanical and functional assessment (including looking at specific movement patterns for the individual’s sporting and activity requirements)
Digital gait analysis utilising HUDL technology
Treatment, management plans and advice for lower limb injuries including foot, ankle, leg and knee

Footwear assessment and recommendations
Orthotic prescription (custom made, semi-custom and off the shelf devices)
General footcare including blisters, corns, callouses, warts and ingrown toenails
Diabetic footcare

Rebates apply with private health insurance extras cover.


John Osborne

Sports Podiatrist

John is an experienced SPORTS PODIATRIST and the first Podiatrist in Australia to successfully earn the Certified Sports Podiatrist credential awarded by the Australian Podiatry Association. He is currently completing his PhD at La Trobe University about the role of muscle strength in plantar heel pain (plantar fasciitis).

He is particularly interested in injuries such as heel pain, shin splints, sesamoiditis, patellofemoral pain, and tendinopathies of the foot and ankle. John also has experience managing patients with rheumatological conditions (e.g., arthritis), blisters, ingrown toenails, general foot care, and chronic disease management such as diabetes.

With a background in strength and conditioning, John always considers a holistic view of the foot and ankle, focusing not only on foot orthoses but individualized rehabilitation and strengthening programs for each of his patients. John has also managed both amateur and elite sportsmen and sportswomen from AFL (Australian Rules), gymnastics, basketball, soccer, triathlon, and cricket.

Scott Rayment


Scott is a driven PODIATRIST motivated by his desire to help people, with an in-depth knowledge of sports injuries and musculoskeletal pathologies of the lower leg. Scott utilises his background in Science and Research to read up to date evidence-based treatment modalities.

Scott’s academic achievements include a Bachelor of Science with Majors in Physiology and Immunology at Monash and a Bachelor of Applied Science/Masters of Podiatric Practice at La Trobe University. He is a member of the Australian Podiatry Association (APodA), Sports Exercise Podiatry Australia (SEPA) and Sports Medicine Australia (SMA), regularly attending events to advance his knowledge.

Scott enjoys an active lifestyle of running, swimming, cycling, weightlifting and basketball on a regular basis. This passion for exercise and sport drives Scott in the clinic, having experience in managing complex injuries at an amateur and professional sporting level (SSN, NCAA, NBL1, VGL etc.).

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