Lots of health blogs are written about various injuries that can be treated by podiatrists.  They mention all possible treatments and modalities that can be used for successful outcomes.

However, this is not that blog.

This is a blog about raising awareness and promoting the every day ‘general treatments’ seen by so many podiatrists. This mainly involves cutting toenails and debriding callus or dead skin. For many people they simply can’t reach their feet for effective and safe treatment. Not being able to see and reach your feet properly can lead to lower hygiene and higher risk of bacterial or fungal infections that you may not be aware of.

Regular maintenance on your feet by a professional is part of looking after your overall health. Similar to appointments with a dentist every 6-12 months, a healthy person can visit the podiatrist once a year to prevent any issues from arising and maintain good healthy habits when it comes to feet. It should also be noted that the conversation between the patient and the podiatrist is a lot freer flowing compared to the dentist. No gauze and tubes hanging out of your mouth, simply your feet being treated by a tertiary qualified professional.

Curious about the health of your feet? Interested in having professional treatment performed on your feet?

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